i61 Facilitators

Counseling (Professional and Licensed)

  • Lynne Thompson:

Lynne is an individual and family counsellor trained in both clinical and Christian counselling approaches.  Lynne has practiced 14 years in Kelowna area at New Life Church and in private practice.  Lynne identifies and removes hindrances preventing optimal physical and emotional health (ability to live life to the fullest-body, soul and spirit)

Prayer Counseling:

Prayer ministry is not intended to replace counselling. It is a facilitated time of personal interaction with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our focus is not to counsel, diagnose, or share opinions or insights. It is about having a personal encounter with God that encourages healing and growing intimacy with Him.

Life Coaching

  • Jim Inkster:

Jim has pastored, planted churches, founded leadership colleges and authored a number of books.  Jim has a father’s heart for people loving to see them fulfill their potential and destiny in life.  He trained as a life coach in the UK in 2005.  Since that time Jim has helped many people with the process of making significant life changes.