We love kids and think they are awesome! We believe they can know and hear God. We are super excited to be a part of their lives and their following of Jesus.

Our main gathering is on Sunday mornings! Here we register children to enter our “AGAPE CITY” and we hope that all our kids will have fun and know the love of God. Everything is located upstairs. Most Sundays we begin after offering but look out for posts, sometimes our older ages start at 10 am on special days. For tips on how to help your kids during worship time in the main auditorium please see this link: family worship.

1. NURSERY--Seedlings--Ages 6 months to 36 months: are accepted for care after offering. We have a nursing room and a parent’s room with the sermon on television that is open at 10 am. Our nursery director is Sarah Cross.

*Please note that we have a capacity for safety. Also note that all children must be signed-in and out using our procedures to be accepted in the nursery.

2. LIL'BEANS and SPROUTS for Ages 3-6: They can be signed in after offering every Sunday to learn all about the stories of God. Our directors are Jessie-Anne Tromsness and Jessie Keith.

3.  ROOTS and REACH for ages 7-9, ages 10-11: They can sign in for a fun time in kids-style service and bible centres. Rebekah Croker, our Family Ministries Pastor, directs this age group.

*On Sundays REACH Ages 10 and 11 are welcome to participate by signing up as LIT - Leaders in training - by helping out in one of our classrooms. They do this by signing in first to their class.