We are Alive to

Encounter God, Love People and

See God’s Kingdom Touch and

Transform Our World

Our Beliefs are Our Why…

Our beliefs form our values, and our values drive our behaviour

God is Good

Jesus’ Blood has Paid for Everything

Nothing is Impossible

I am Significant

The Kingdom has Come Near


I Dream Big


I Trust


I Take Risks


I Serve


I Have Hope


Our culture is a powerful invisible influence operating in the church. Culture is defined as the collective norms of a group which gets effortlessly and unconsciously passed from one generation to the next. 

At the bedrock of culture are the things we believe; our beliefs form our values and our values drive our behaviours. 

At New Life Centre we are wanting to establish a Kingdom Culture. We are seeking to do this by centring around five core kingdom beliefs. Each of these beliefs has a corresponding associated behaviour:


New Life’s culture has four distinct
streams which show up in
the life of our Church


The central purpose of God’s Kingdom coming was God wanted to establish a family of sons and daughters who reflected the image of Jesus. For this reason transformation lays at the heart of God’s family design.


Dreaming is a fundamental expression of God’s work in our midst. As people grow in relationship with God and begin to discover and grow in their God-given purposes and destinies they begin to envision realities of possibility of His Kingdom Come, His Will be done in their spheres of influence.


Expressions are the corporate and individual ways we touch people and influence our city and world with the life and blessing of the Kingdom of God working through our uniquenesses, giftings, calls and passions.


Creativity is the natural outcome of being made in the image of our Creator God.
As people come alive through their relationship with God creative expressions become touch points through which the life of the Kingdom is manifest through their lives.

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