New or Thinking
of Visiting us?

A Message

From our Senior Leader

Matti Koopman


10.00 - 11.45am


2041 Harvey Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y 6G7

We feel honoured that you are thinking of visiting, we know visiting or looking for a new church is a big thing.

We wanted to let you know what you might expect when you arrive.

Our Welcome Team are positioned at the entrance and will greet you when you enter. They will offer you the morning programme, which will give a rundown of who is overseeing the different components of that morning’s gathering and what’s coming up in the coming days.

Prior to our official start at 10am, people often gather in the foyer. Our cafe baristas will be happy to serve you a carefully crafted latte or cappuccino. If you’d like some extra information feel free to peruse our Connect Centre which has a selection of brochures and flyers. The Team there will also be happy assist you if you have any questions.

Our official gathering starts at 10am with our countdown video. We normally spend around 40 minutes worshipping God together to contemporary worship music. During this time people sing, sit quietly and some even dance. We encourage people to connect with God during this time and expect Him to meet and encounter them.

Our time of worship is followed by some announcements, and with the release of our children and youth to their programs. Each week we offer a nursery (ages 6m – 2) , kids (ages 2 -10) and junior youth programme (ages 11-15). We also have a creche for nursing mums.

Our main speaker will normally share a message and spend time ministering. We finish our gathering by inviting anyone that would like to receive prayer to come to one of our trained prayer team members who are available at the front of the auditorium. Our Sunday gatherings aim to be finished by 11:45am.

After our formal gathering many people stay around to catch up with one another. Feel free to hang with us, grab another coffee and meet some new faces. Our Connect Centre will be open to answer any questions. We hope you enjoy your time with us and that God meets you in a life-giving way!

Jesus said He was the Light of the World.
Before He ascended to Heaven
He placed His Spirit in His disciples and told them,
“Now you are the light of the world.
Now go and shine!”

We become like whatever we worship.
Worship is one of the ways we become like the God in whose image we were created.
This is why worship is at the centre of our weekly gatherings.

– Matti Koopman

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