Care Needs Form

New Life Centre is here to provide ministry and assistance to individuals and families that call NLC home. We desires to come walk beside you if you are struggling with sickness or disease, in the midst of the passing of a loved one, needing individual, marriage or family counsel from a Christ-centered perspective or in the middle of a financial need. If you desire NLC’s presence with you in any of these practical, spiritual, emotional, relational or financial situations – please fill out this Care Needs Form. Once this is submitted, someone from the Pastoral Care Team will respond to your request.

Pastoral Care Disclaimer

This is a church-based ministry of  NLC providing biblical counsel and prayer in individual and group settings. Our Pastoral Care is done by Pastoral Staff. These individuals are not licensed as professional counsellors or psychologists because they perform spiritual and biblical ministry and not secular or psychological counselling. If it becomes apparent that professional counselling may better address the member’s needs, the Pastor will immediately initiate an outside referral to a licensed professional counsellor or psychologist.


You should contact your primary physician, a local emergency room, or the local police department when necessary and appropriate. It is the member’s responsibility to seek the appropriate resources in emergency situations.