Distinctions 2027

Distinctions 2027

Over the next ten years we are looking to establish a Kingdom culture. I believe culture is the key to generating transformative momentum in New Life which creates powerful currents of influence in our city and beyond.

Culture is an ecosystem of an associated group which is revealed by a set of common beliefs, values and behaviours that are effortlessly and unconsciously transmitted from one generation to the next.

Jesus understood the power of culture. At the spearhead of His mission of seeing the Kingdom of God come on the earth, He established apostles. In ancient times apostles were cultural architects sent into a conquered territory by the victorious emperor to establish the culture of the homeland.

Jesus knew that cultures carry powerful currents of influence that create momentum to bring about change and transformation. When He called His followers to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16), He envisioned a people steeped in the values of Heaven, in a way that they tangibly influenced and impacted the environments there were set in that brought about change.

The Kingdom culture we establish is expressed in four powerful streams of influence: Transformation, Dreams, Expressions and Creativity. These in turn combine to form our distinctions, which are the expressions of life that are unique to New Life that will shape our future.

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