Honour Affirms Value with Malcom Petch

Honour Affirms Value with Malcom Petch

We’ve been looking at Kingdom Cultures over the summer, unpackaging the supporting truths around our five core beliefs:

  1. God is good
  2. Jesus’ blood paid for everything
  3. Nothing is impossible
  4. I am significant
  5. The Kingdom has drawn near

Each of these Kingdom Cultures we’ve gone through ties back into one or more of these core beliefs. It’s interesting right from the get-go with how this culture is framed:

Honour Affirms Value

Wouldn’t you expect something more like “It’s important to honor one another” or “Honour one another” or “Honour others above yourself”

But this is laid out as “Honour affirms value”.

That’s so intriguing. It says so much with so few words.

The term ‘Affirm’ indicates that something is already there. One definition of ‘affirm’ is “to accept or confirm the validity of something”.

So to say “Honour affirms Value”, you’re confirming that the value already exists.

Listen to Malcom’s FULL Preach Here:



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