Teach us to pray 4 (How to Heal the Sick)

Teach us to pray 4 (How to Heal the Sick)

Healing takes place when the creative life of God flows into another person brining restoration and renewal.

But Jesus said, “Someone deliberately touched me, for I felt healing power go out from me.”

Luke 8:46

…who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the power of the age to come

Hebrews 6:5

The prayers main task is to facilitate this process. 

The CARE Model

  • Connect
  • Assess
  • Release
  • Evaluate


  • Make introductions – names, where they are from etc
  • Find out if they are a follower of Jesus (a believer).
  • Make the person feel comfortable


  • Find out what is wrong with the person
  • How did it happen
  • Ask if they have had prayer before (if they have had lots of prayer it could mean that their expectation for healing will be low. You will need to tackle this by sharing a story of God healing someone with their condition or by reminding them that God wants to see them get everything Jesus paid for).
  • If they have pain in their body ask them to rate the pain level out of 10 (10 being acute pain and 0 being no pain). You want a marker to determine what has happened after prayer.
  • Similarly if the person ask the person to determine the amount of movement they have in their body
  • Ask if it is ok to put a hand on the shoulder of the person receiving prayer. The physical connection provides a connection point for the life of God in you to flow into the person’s body.
  • Instruct the person to “park themselves in neutral”. You want them to be relaxed as possible. A person who is striving positions themselves in a more difficult place to receive the gift of healing God wants them to receive.
  • Inform them that you are praying as long as you have your hand on them even if you are not saying anything.
  • Ask them to let you know if feel anything happening in their body as you are praying. Also inform them that if they don’t feel anything then it doesn’t mean nothing is happening. About 60% of the people I pray for feel something (peace, heat, electricity, tingling, cold etc).
  • What they share will help determine how you approach the healing prayer. eg. if they are missing a body part they need a creative miracle. If they have damaged their body they need healing.


  • Release healing or the miracle into the person
  • Be specific and declarative in what you say
  • Orientate what you say towards the person not up to God (ie. Don’t tell God what you want Him to do. he told you to heal the sick. He is waiting for prayers He can sanction.eg. Be healed; Ears open, Eyes see, Pain go.)
  • Sample prayer:

By the authority of Jesus Christ I command this back to head right now. I command this back to healed right now. I command vertebrae to line up, discs to be repaired, nerves to be loosed, muscles relax all pain get out. Back be healed for the glory of Jesus Christ.

  • Sample cancer prayer:

Cancer you are a trespasser and don’t belong in the human body. So by the Authority of Christ, I curse cancer and I command every cancer cell to die in this body.  I command every cancerous mass to shrink and disappear by the authority of Christ. I bind the Spirit of death and command it to stop manifesting with cancer in this body. Be healed by the authority of Christ.


  • Review what has changed. How much has their pain gone down. How much more freedom of movement have they got? Celebrate every bit of change as only God could have done this for them. Thankfulness attracts more of the same to happen in their body. 
  • If they received a partial healing keep going back at the issue until the person is fully healed.
  • If nothing has happened ask if you can pray again. Sometimes the reason nothing has happened is that you have encountered a spiritual resistance. Ask to pray again.This time you will need to address the blockage and after that release healing again. This might sound like a prayer along these lines:

By the authority of Jesus Christ I bind the spirit of infirmity. I break its hold now. I forbid anymore manifestation of pain or restriction of movement. I command this back to head right now. I command this back to healed right now. I command vertebrae to line up, discs to be repaired, nerves to be loosed, all pain get out. Back be healed for the glory of Jesus Christ. 

  • Again, review what if anything has changed. Keep going until the person is healed.
  • Make sure the person is encouraged and blessed when they leaved. Regardless of whether or not anything has happened you want them to go away knowing they are loved by God and you.
  • Encourage them to come back again for prayer



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