The Voice of God

The Voice of God

New Life Centre’s two foremost distinctions that we are known for are the Manifest Presence of God and the prophetic voice of God.

Since our early pioneering days, we as a Church have learnt much about the gift of prophesy and its purpose and function in the Church. One of the key realisations has been that the Gift of Prophecy in the Old and New Testaments functions differntly.

Perhaps our greatest discovery of all though was ]that prophecy is not just about learning how to hear God’s voice, but more importantly learning how to represent His heart through prophecy.

Prophecy in the Old Testament

God’s creative voice

The first expression of prophecy happened with God Himself. In Genesis 1:3 God prophesies “Let there be light”. The outcome of this prophetic decree was that light flooded the earth and the chaos that enveloped the earth was extinguished. 

God’s relational voice

God created Humanity to connect with Him and hear His voice. We were born wiht the capacity for the prophetic.

The Fall resulted in humankind insulating themselves from the direct connection to God and His voice.

The prophetic as a mediating voice

Israel rejected the offer to be priests of God and request a mediator to stand between them and God.

Then they said to Moses, “You speak with us, and we will hear; but let not God speak with us, lest we die.”

Exodus 20:19

God honours their request and He establishes prophets to speak to them on His behalf. 

Prophets as Covenant enforcers

Prophets become covenant enforcers whose role was to let Israel know whenever they stepped outside the lines of their Covenant and to warn them of the consequences of their transgressions.

Prophecy in the New Testament

Prophecy the domain of all of God’s people

In the New Testament the Spirit of God gots poured into and onto all of God’s people, not just a few. Because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the barriers that inhibited believers from allowing themselves to hear Him were removed.

But more than this God’s people would use the Gift of Prophecy in partner with Him to re-form and recreate His fallen creation.

Prophets as Covenant enforcers

Prophets in both covenants enforce the Covenant.

OT = You mess up, you die. Let me tell you how you will die.
NT = He died so you can live. Let me tell you how you can live.

The Old was focussed on policing the Law; The NT about policing reconciliation.

New Testament Prophecy is about reconciliation 

Because of the work of the cross, God invites people into His family and into His mission of redemption. Prophecy is meant to direct the traffic of people’s hearts pointing out for them that the way to God is once more open and that the Father is waiting for us to connect with Him.


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