Valuing the Goodness of God

Valuing the Goodness of God

Over the next 13 weeks we are going to look at 13 Core Values based around 4 different areas: and service


  • God is Good
  • Salvation Creates
  • Joyful Identity
  • Responsive to Grace


  • Focused on His Presence
  • Creating Healthy Family
  • God’s Word Transforms


  • God is Still Speaking
  • Jesus Empowers Supernatural Ministry
  • His Kingdom is Advancing


  • Free and Responsible Honour Affirms Value
  • Generous Like My Father
  • Hope in a Glorious Church


“I will make all My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you. 

Exodus 33: 18

God summarizes His goodness (His complete nature and character) with just one word “Goodness”.

The Hebrew word we translate as “Goodness”, literally means pleasantness, beauty, kindness.

The Apostle John later on describes God as  pure “light,” and pure “love.”

God means ‘the good’

In the 15th Century, during the Dark Ages, the period of time when Humanity had an arrested development, they coined a term for the “Glory”. They referred to it as the “The Good”, later shortened to “God”.



  • God is for us; He chose to redeem us from our sin.
  • God is not mad at us.
  • God is so good that He is in a good mood all the time.
  • God’s desire is to bless us in every area of our lives: physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and vocationally.
  • Jesus is our model. He healed all the sick He encountered and never said sickness was from God. In the New Covenant, God does not generally use sickness to teach lessons, build character or punish people.
  • We live with the practical conviction that God wants to save and heal everyone.
  • God will never take His purposes or His gifts from our life.
  • We are God’s masterpieces. His process and pruning are always meant to reveal our true identity and release us into fullness of life.
  • God hears and always responds to our prayers.


  • We cannot do whatever we want and expect God to always bless us.
  • God remains the ultimate judge of every human being.
  • God is hurt by our sinful actions and will lovingly confront us if and when we sin.
  • Despite God’s goodness and love, some people will still choose hell over heaven.
  • The life of a believer is not free from trials or persecution.
  • Every believer is responsible for stewarding and growing the gifts and talents God has given us.
  • In His goodness, God doesn’t always respond to our prayers in the way or timing we expect.

What isn’t the Goodness of God

Sometimes in our efforts to hold on to the theology of the sovereignty of God (that God is in charge of everything that happens on this planet and that everything that happens is therefore and oppression of His will), we create a Frankenstein god. By Frankenstein God, I mean a god that in all reality is less than good and a god, who in human terms were to at in these ways would be termed as a child abuser.

Anything that would cause you to question the goodness of God or casts a shadow over the nature of God is not of God and not His will. Good = God, Bad = The Devil. 

How to value the Goodness of God

How do you show value for a value? By enjoying it!

Psalm 38:8 tells us, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

We show value for the goodness of God by jumping into where ever His goodness shows up.

How does God’s goodness show up?

Where does the Goodness of God shine around you? Everywhere! He shows us in nature, through people, in Church, through work, in unexpected blessings. HE is everywhere and always pouring out His goodness (Mat 4:45).

Here are a few specific ways God’s goodness is there fore us to enjoy.

  • The Manifest Presence of God
  • Gratitude
  • Rest (Sabbath)

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