Valuing the Holy Spirit

Valuing the Holy Spirit

Why is the Trinity important?

The Trinity is the Christian belief that our God is one God: Three persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit is a mystery.

If you found out tomorrow that God is actually only one person instead of three, would your relationship with God feel any different?

In the early days of the Church, Christians held the belief in the Trinity as of the upmost importance.

Today, most Christians hold on to a formal belief in the Trinity but we have lost the sense of why it matters so much. 

1. The Trinity Matters because God Matters

One reason we Americans neglect the Trinity is because we’re so pragmatic. Instead of asking “Is it true?” we’re more likely to ask “Is it useful?” “Will it help me get ahead?” “Will it make me a better spouse or parent?” Those are good questions, but if that’s all that matters to us, then how are we any different from the pagans? Even the pagans care about those things.

To know God savingly is to know him as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Anything less is sub-Christian. The number one question is, “Do you want to know God?”

The Trinity matters because this is who God is. It’s who he always was and would’ve been even if there had been no you, no me, and no heavens and earth. The question isn’t first and foremost, “Is this practical?” or “Will this be on the test?” The question is “Do I want to know God?”

To know God savingly is to know him as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Anything less is sub-Christian. The Trinity matters because God matters, even if it doesn’t strike us as practical.

Justin Dillehay

2. The Trinity Matters because the Gospel Matters

This is how God saves us—God the Father sent His Son and the Son sent the Spirit. Our salvation hangs on these two sendings.

“Without them, God would still be a Father, but he wouldn’t be our Father. He would still have a Son, but he wouldn’t have many sons.” Justin Dillehay

The Trinity matters because the gospel matters.

How do we Value Holy Spirit?

  • We value Holy Spirit by Embracing the Holy Spirit as God
  • We value Holy Spirit by valuing Holiness
  • We value Holy Spirit by Yielding to the Holy Spirit
  • Yielding to God looks like surrendering our dignity.
  • We Value Holy Spirit by Listening to Him
  • We value Holy Spirit by speaking in tongues