What moves you?

What moves you?

Jesus was moved by His friend’s death >>> His compassion led Him to apprehend something of heaven and ultimately to the Cross.

Compassion moved Jesus lots

Jesus moved to heal Lazarus because He was moved by His emotions. These same emotions propelled Him to lay down His life. Things that move us can become the drawback that will propel us to towards our destinies.

Jesus had compassion.

This is the strongest word for love in the Greek language (derived from the Greek word for ‘guts’ (splagchnizomai) ). It is used only of Jesus. It could be translated ‘he was gutted’ – his heart broke.

  Mat 14:14

14 When He got out of the boat, He saw many people. He had loving-pity (splagchnizomai) for them and healed those who were sick.


 Mat 15:32

32 Then Jesus called His followers to Him. He said, “I pity (splagchnizomai) these people because they have been with Me three days and they have no food. I do not want to send them home without food. They might get too weak as they go.”


Mat 20:34 [2 blind men]

Jesus had loving-pity (splagchnizomai) on them and put His hands on their eyes. At once they could see, and they followed Jesus.


 Mar 1:41 [leper]

41 Jesus put His hand on him with loving-pity. (splagchnizomai) He said, “I want to. Be healed.” 


 Luk 7:13 [widow of Nain]

When the Lord saw her, He had loving-pity (splagchnizomai)  for her and said, “Do not cry.”


 Luk 15:20 [Prodigal son]

“The son got up and went to his father. While he was yet a long way off, his father saw him. The father was full of loving-pity (splagchnizomai) for him. He ran and threw his arms around him and kissed him. >>> Restored Him/forgave him

Jesus’ compassion was like the draw back on the bow string, it propelled Him to the Cross.

God wants our hearts

Our hearts will take us where our heads won’t go.

It is the the draw back on a bow

We need to expose our hearts to the world

We need to not insulate ourselves from humanity

Cares of the world – Parable of the sower


Matti was born in the UK and lived there until 2001 when he moved with his New Zealand wife, Jodie, to her homeland. He worked in online travel marketing up until 2004, when he attended Bible College to train as a pastor. Following his training he led a Baptist Church in Auckland for a number of years before moving with his family to Redding, California where Matti and Jodie attended the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. They then returned for two years to London, UK where they led a pioneering ministry, ministering in Central London, training and equipping believers to see the Kingdom of God in and through their lives.Over this time they saw God move on the streets of London seeing signs, wonders and miracles and numbers of people saved. In August 2016 he accepted a call to lead New Life Church Kelowna. Matti and his wife Jodie have 3 children, Grace, Olivia and William. He loves the outdoors, socialising and having fun.

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