Word for Canada

Word for Canada

I am bringing Divine order to this house, says God. I am exterminating every and any kind of jealousy and strife to make a way for a move of my Spirit. There is a positioning and a repositioning as I am brining a Divine alignment here. All the pieces of my clay must yield to me as the Potter.

I am releasing new callings, new mantles, new graces, and new assignments. I am also awakening dead and long forgotten dreams. I am about to shuffle the deck. Get ready now, stay low. Focus on what I have called you to do. Do not worry about anyone else. Beware of jealousy and strife in this house, for they will seek to devour the move of my Spirit that is coming. Love must be the highest priority in this season. Love one another well. Seek to edify the body in all things.

There is a greater call to the nations coming. More training, more equipping, more releasing. Do not seek the wisdom of this world concerning this Church’s future. Seek my voice and my Spirit. I will lead you every step of the way, for I am going to trim off the fat and strengthen what remains.




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