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Recap We have been looking at honour in recent weeks. I have shown you...

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Accessing God’s life through Baptism

Human history has been defined by various ages: The Prehistoric Age, Stone Age, Bronze...

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The 3 Pillars  of Honour

What Honour is Honour is when we rightly relate to the dignity of a...

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Guest Speaker: Phil Collins

At the end of time, there will be only two categories of people: Those...

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  • I got to pray for a cafe owner's painful wrists. As I started to pray she said "I am not sure what is happening to me by i am really hot and feel this strange presence all over me." I replied that this was Jesus and He was healing. As I continued to pray her pain melted away.

    Matti Koopman
    Matti Koopman
    church member
  • A year ago whilst in church God supernaturally healed my ears.
    Previous to that, while my wife Linda & I were having coffee twice a day, my most common word probably was “pardon”. My hearing was really bad.
    I was missing so much of what was being said.

    Peter Enns
    Peter Enns
    church memeber